Principal Profile

Principle Profile ImageMrs. Rekha Anand is the Principal of Achariya Siksha Mandir which commenced its operation in 2014 Coimbatore. She has had varied experience in schools across India over the last 22 years. She is the graduate and Post graduate of English.She started her career as school teacher and went on to teach English to senior school children. She has been a Co-ordinator of this school and Pondicherry. She had the oppurtunity to head the pre-primary wing of Sri Sankara Vidhyalaya Pondicherry and also as Head Mistress of the same school. She is a qualified outbound trainer, having worked with many intellectuals and she has been an excellent and active sports person in her school days. She is an avid reader and has a passion for writing.

The school lays immense emphasis on nurturing core values of Courage, Compassion, Equality and Integrity in all its students. The School would facilitate its students to learn and imbibe along with their subjects of study, discipline, ethics, tradition and culture. This is with an objective to bring out the students not only intellectually well equipped but also enable them to become socially committed citizens.

In fact, the school epitomises these four core values that are synonyms with our Chief Mentor Mr. J. Awarawindhan.


Courage was a core value that always led Paul to accept the most challenging assignments in life – be it personal or professional in nature. He always believed in facing challenges head on and overpowering them by his courageous mind and strong-willed character.

In the context of Education, students at Achariya Siksha Mandir would be inspired to be courageous – not merely in the context of physical strength but also the strength of character and firmness of mind. Possessing this value also refers to the ability to persistently tread the path of righteousness and unwavering determination to being just.


Paul never needed to be taught to be compassionate towards fellow human beings; it came to him so naturally. Being compassionate to anyone – near or far; related or unrelated; known or stranger; accomplished or needy was truly his nature and hence it occurred to him naturally. The ability to reach out to serve and help people in need was driven by the compassion in his heart and the purity of his mind.

In the context of Education, students at Achariya Siksha Mandir would be encouraged to be compassionate towards their colleagues, friends, family, neighbours and human beings at large. Conscious efforts would be made to develop the virtue of compassion in students with an aim to be good and do good.


Another great value that became an integral part of Paul’s personality was his ability to treat everyone equally – that came from the true realization of the ancient Indian philosophy of referring to the entire world as one large family.

In the context the Achariya Siksha Mandir will work to inculcate amongst its students this value of treating everyone as equals and not differentiate amongst friends on the basis of caste, colour, religion, creed, race or social and economic well-being. Instead, be ever ready to lend a hand of support to anyone needy with an equal degree of willingness.


Our mentor's definition of integrity was his uncompromising attitude to his belief system; his complete and inflexible commitment to what he believed as righteous. His commitment to accept challenges and win them and his determination to help people without reason or bias or any expectation in return.

Educational Vision
Every bud is sent on a great mission to this planet. It is the care and environment that make the bud bloom or wither. The child blooms in the hands of right teacher and the right system.