This is Mrs. Usha Parthasarathy, Senior Principal of Achariya World Class Institutions, with utmost integrity, authenticity, feel responsible to thank our Chief mentor, for the enrichment he has been doing since inception. I could feel the difference between Achariya and other schools, owing to my experience of 30 years in different schools of academic excellence. Parents feel that ACHARIYA focuses on extracurricular activities, but, on the contrary, I feel a lot of extra academic curricular activities are only being done here. To cite a few, our reading Cards, Young Scientist Magazine, WOW book, Miyav Critical Thinking book, Worksheets, Super Speed Cards, Only Success Leadership Program, School Cinema, Projects, Field Trips, Citation enhances and widens students understanding beyond books.

ACHARIYA is not only for infrastructure, but also for intelligence. The ambience is best suited for conducive learning. We empower intelligence. The expression of intelligence inside the four walls makes ACHARIYAS Rajas and Ranis, the kings and queens of the world. In ACHARIYA we work as a team. The design of the entrance gate itself conveys the message that success is possible only by working as a team. The present scenario schools across the country pay more attention on academics which can be compared to charcoal under the earth. But ACHARIYA creates consciousness amongst students and parents by bringing out the difference between coal and diamond by transforming the students into sparkling diamonds. ACHARIYA is not one more school, but the only school in which curriculum itself has more activities. The kid’s zone animal kingdom in every ACHARIYAN school depicts love, care, motherly touch, transition, confidence and leadership qualities. Greenery represents kindness and helping nature. The combination of head, heart and hand is ACHARIYA. The curriculum empowers head, enriches heart and enlivens student’s life.

The White book activity develops students’ Inter and Intra Personal skills, solving Rubic cubes improvises Logical Intelligence, Towel Folding and Rope Knot Activity improves Visual Spatial Intelligence, Meditation brings out the Spiritual Intelligence, Usage of Ariya Currency enhances Financial intelligence, Reading Cards boosts the Linguistic Intelligence , Musical classes and competitions reveals Musical Intelligence . Thus all ten intelligences are concentrated bringing out the holistic development in each and every ACHARIYAN student.Blessing Day and Student Development Program are our unique features adding value to student’s morality and discipline. Our achievements and accomplishments are boundless.Thank you ji, on behalf of ACHARIYA students and parents, I deem it a great honour, to express our gratitude to our beloved Managing Director of ACHARIYA WORLD CLASS INSTITUTIONS for his tireless efforts towards world class enrichment for the cause of education.

Mrs. Usha Parthasarathy,