The ABSM – CBSE school has in place a special curricular plan to achieve academic excellence along with co-curricular activities that help the students to grow into self-confident individuals. Facilitates learning by providing a supportive learning environment that adapts to the child.Residential CBSE School


A Successful 21st Century learning environment has the potential to engage students in meaningful, relevant learning that will help prepare them for competing in a global society and ultimately increase student success. Chrysalis transforms children in to a colourful butterfly in their year long journey. Project helps student to think creatively. Our students of STD IX and X are well equipped to create album on Photoshop.


CBSE School with Hostel

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Our revolutionary Approach, Multiple Intelligence has created 21st century learning Environment in schools across various cities in India, with exceptional results. The students love it and the teachers vouch for it. You don’t have to take our word. Meet us to give your students a taste of the ACHARIYA magic. You will be happy, the kids will be happy and as we all know, happy kids learn better.hostel for boys & girls

We are indeed overwhelmed to share with you the excellent and up to date educational scholastic and non-scholastic ambiance provided by us.


Helps students and parents in getting all the information required for the parents and students to know (Day to Day activities, Motivating thought for the day, Exam marks, Homework, General Messages, Exam timetable, and Holidays information).


In ABSM – CBSE School is well equipped with world class laboratory infrastructure. The Students are given enough practical classes based on the curriculum.

good facilityThere are separate labs for physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Computer Science. The school also houses exclusive special labs for mathematics, History and Geography and language lab for English, Hindi and French.

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Helps children learn many new things in a vast way and in order to have better clarity and understanding through project work. Individual team capacity, leadership qualities and above all to think and express individually is done through project.

In order to link the Industry with Institute, the students of Achariya are given Industrial exposure every year. The students are taken to small medium and large scale Industries based on the academic study and project topics.


At ACHARIYA, the highlight of the Montessori programme is that each classroom is equipped with the required Montessori materials, which will enable children to have hands on experience. They are given training in writing which helps in the smooth transformation to Primary level (Class 1) to take on the CBSE syllabus with no difficulty. Individual lesson plans for each child on daily basis. Teacher, Student ratio – 1: 15.

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Montessori equipments facilities provide a prepared environment where children are free to demonstration can work by themselves and respond to their natural affinity to work. Giving them opportunities to connect in spontaneous, focused activities with the direction of trained teachers. Through their effort, the kids build up concentration and joyful self-discipline. Within a structure, the kids progress at their own pace and pulse according to their individual capabilities.


Are given to each and every child based on their behavior in class, project works, assignments, marks they have got in class test exams, Rise and shine, students who have lost and found others things. Best display of charts in class.

Residential CBSE School

  • Makes the introduction and teaching of sensitive topics easy and effective.
  • Effective utilization of the existing AV infrastructure in school.
  • Empowers children to better understand the various issues affecting their lives better and creates a channel for them to communicate and share their feelings.
  • The workbook helps children identify issues, express their thoughts and internalise the learning from the films.
  • Brings parents in to the learning curve of the school to improve interaction between parent’s teachers and children.
  • An effective teacher training aid to better understand and empathize with children.
  • Brings a ‘fun element’ in to the everyday school process, so that students look forward to going to school.
  • Prepares students to face life positively and build self-esteem.
  • Enables children to learn to appreciate good media and films.
  • Reduces stress levels of children.

It is an invaluable tool for language improvement. The emphasis is on improving the student’s communicative skills through vocabulary enrichment and its application. The healthy competitive spirit motivates them to learn on their own without any compulsion. This competition builds self-confidence and helps the children to develop their full potential.


Our premises have an excellent infrastructure; ABSM CBSE has been judged the best school in Inter school Yoga Competition conducted by Vishnu BharathYoga Koodam for the third consecutive year in a row.

good facilities

Indoor & Outdoor Games

Every student in ACHARIYA from class I to VIII attends to ECA activities on daily basis. They are trained by certified coaches in various disciplines. The best of space and facility is created for the conduct of the indoor games.

best infrastructure CBSE School

KarateWestern DanceViolin
Horse RidingClassical DanceVenna
Lawn TennisTable TennisDrums