While most people dream of success, those who succeed wake up and work for it with a sense of pride, truthfulness, and accomplishment we ACHARIYA BALA SIKSHA MANDIR, THENGAITHITTU present a brief report of activities of our esteemed Institution, till date. Today we are celebrating our Annual Day which is based on our MI concept. MI concept by Gardner of Chicago University has been introduced by our Chief Mentor ji nearly 10 years ago to bring about a remarkable change in the stereotyped curriculum followed thro’out India. All these ten Intelligences, Musical, spiritual, visual spatial, Naturalistic, Bodily Kinesthetic, Logical, Financial, Linguistic, Inter and Intrapersonal brings in all-round development of a child surely children inherently have talent and great intelligence in them and this is nurtured in an appreciative and supportive environment in our school. We have been using this MI concept to its optimum to bring out hidden talents of each child, unique to their personality and showcase them with elegance. While the world is busy with routine, we achariyans explore what is unexplored. We pay importance not only to academics and also to extracurricular and co-curricular activities.


To bring in religious harmony amongst our budding students we celebrate Krishna jayanthi, Diwali to Ramzan and Christmas.

To inculcate patriotic feelings National festivals like Independence Day, GandhiJayanthi and Republic Day.

To enhance student’s vocabulary we have Spell Bee, Reading cards, Speed cards, WoW books, Karadi tales, Competitions are held to make dazzling diamonds out of students.

Sports activities have always been forefront too, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Karate, Takewondo, Roller skating and Athletics activities help the children to grow and face the world with more confidence.

Further, more importance is paid to extracurricular activities like Veena, Drums, Guitar, Keyboard and Robotics.

Our Chief Mentor ji has introduced meditation everyday 7 minutes in all our institutions to develop the spiritual intelligence amongst our students.
This increases the inner potentiality of the students. Delicious lunch is provided by the school which the children enjoy, bringing the workload of the mothers and increasing the quality time. Osla class and School Cinema are introduced to develop leadership skills and identify the unlocked hidden talents and empower the students to enrich lives.



1. ABSM TT has been awarded School Excellence award in the South Arcot district by Brands Academy for our creative and innovative curriculum by then President Pratiba Patil and Sashi Tharrou in the month of April.

2. In the month of May our students and teachers created 68 world records in many amazing categories Nivedha of 10th topped the list with 10 records and Iswarya of 8th with 7 world records.

3. In National Genius Search competition held by National Science foundation Bombay our six students qualified in the first level in which 2400 schools participated. In the advanced level two of our students Azar syed thanveer in 10th STD level.


A sound mind in a sound body. We excel not only in academics but also in sports activities a few for your perusal:

1. Sri Balaji of STD 10 has won the gold medal in sub junior badminton national championship.

2. V.K.Manoj has been qualified for Asian games in rope skipping He is also selected for skating in south zone championship.

3. Preethi and Aroul Poodja and Vaishanavi secured state level championship and participated in national level championship in chess Kameshwaran, Shobana, Surya, Preethika, Rakshi 1500,800,400 discus H.J. S.P. 600

In the zonal level Athletic Championship, Ganesh keshav in the 9th level topped the same. In the month of may out of our 30 students who appeared for CBSE 10th board exam 11 of our students scored 10 CGPA and stood top on the south arcot district level.


Our Chief Mentor as a mark of appreciation and motivation has given the teacher who was responsible. Rs.10000 each besides the usual salary.

In the World Robo masters cup at Singapore. Our team comprising of Nithishwar, Adityan, Ankita kumari, Sanjai Krishnan and Dinesh kumar bagged the second runner up in international championship.

ABSMTT-was awarded the British councils internationals school award in Calcutta which has bench marked our school on international level. in this connection all the teachers who worked for it were awarded RS.5000 each, In this connection 23 of our students and 4 our teachers have gone to NICE FRANCE on an exchange programme for 15 days with regard to the same the principal Mrs.Usha Parthasarathy and co-ordinator Ramesh visited BRIT school for pre arts and technology London for 10days for having a stronger partnership.

Ella Sounder their academic counsellor also visited our school.


International ISO, IMO, IEO, we have created topper in this Olympiad examination.National handwriting Olympaid our students have topped in national.

We were nominated by Reynolds Company for School brilliant awards for which cricket icon SACHIN TENDULKAR was the Chief Guest it was held at Taj Coramandel at Chennai.

Australian embassy conducted general Quiz competition in our school with 12 students won the trophy in which more than 200 schools nationally participated.

We were honored with Golden & Silver award by Shakespeare Institute in Chennai for successfully winning the trophy for creative poetry literature on National level.

We had a fabulous year!